Staying at the National Harbor just outside of Washington DC. Beautiful area and growing. I don’t care how old you are, whenever you see the monuments and sites of DC, you feel like a kid. Proud to be an American and so thankful for the blessings My Father in heaven has bestowed on me. Let those you love know it today!

Need for Positivity

We see so much pain, loss, anger and strife in our world daily, how do we rise above it to see the good and feel hope? It is a personal decision to make yourself happy and fulfilled. Others are there to help, but it is YOU that needs to make that commitment. My faith is my rock for strength/hope and my loved ones bring me joy. Know you can be in control of your life and dictate your happiness. Determine the direction you want your life to take today. That is indeed Finding your Extraordinary.

Book- Find Your Extraordinary!

Exciting news that my new book, Find Your Extraordinary! is being formatted and printed. Great cover which really shows we can reach our dreams. thank you so much to Wilene Dunn for helping me realize my dream and Finding My Extraordinary. This book will be dedicated to the my loved ones who make it all possible and are the reasons I do what I do. Please be looking for my book soon and my book tour!


Had a great week with the sales team in Atlanta. always remember we are in the human business first and building relationships is the single most important ingredient for success in all aspects of life. You can connect with anyone, even if just for a moment, and make a difference in their life as well as yours. finalized book cover and formatting being completed. So looking forward to getting on the road to meet people and help them Find Their Extraordinary!

Get it right the first time

Shame on the NFL for their shoddy irresponsible handling of the Ray Rice incident. Are you telling me they could not have requested this video months ago , instead TMZ has to air it. That is called putting your head in the sand. Mud on your face does not even begin to paint the picture of ineptitude and gross neglect. This league needs serious cleaning up and it also extends to the college football programs. Money continues to drive irresponsible and dangerous behavior. Poor messages are being sent regarding human behavior and interaction.

Exciting News

Exciting week so far, my 1st book, How to Win Your Job Interview, is finally copyrighted. My 2nd book, Find Your Extraordinary has gone to editing and will be available soon. Formatting and book cover are done. Once completed, I will be on the road, hopefully seeing many of you, on the book tour. I look forward to showing people how they can live their dreams and find that extraordinary that lives in each of us. Its easier than you think and oh by the way, ITS FUN!!!!


I am so excited to see all of my family when they come to town next week. Great memories I have with all of them…


I have so much to be thankful for and know it is all in My Savior’s plan! I had an awesome second honeymoon in Amelia…


My book, Find Your Extraordinary! is ready and will be available on Amazon. I will help others when I go on tour for speaking and book signings. I want to thank my Savior, Jesus Christ, and My Father in heaven who have made this all possible.


My new book, Find Your Extraordinary!, is the #1 best seller on Amazon! I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen. It has been my dream to write this book to show how we ALL can achieve our dreams. This book will show you how to do it mentally, emotionally and physically This is MY OPUS and the response has been amazing. Available on Amazon now!